Saturday, October 2, 2010


BBFlashBack is easy to use, which collects all of the Windows desktop

the activity of a movie, recording exactly what you see on your computer.

It comes with an integrated editor that allows you to record movies

edition of the spoken text, and save commentary.Publisher can export

Flash and AVI movies can be embedded in Web pages and documents

Desktop Edition features include a simple "Send" to keep the last

A few minutes later the report displays events by mail. Effective

technology means recording runs in the background and is barely noticeable on a modern PC.

Key Features:

• Save and play movies on the screen.

· Export Macromedia Flash movie format.

· Export movie to AVI file.

Number of export of WMV video files.

Export EXE film number.

· Plug in PowerPoint, and full support.

Choice of codecs for AVI and WMV.

• Create / edit HTML templates Web movies.

• the microphone to record sounds.

· Files Importing audio.

Automatically the screen resolution during recording.

• Automatic Windows graphic effects.