Monday, January 12, 2015

Download LightShot Free for Customizable Screenshot

LightShotLost screen capture and save the regions, upload and share pictures to their design is an intuitive application. This new and advanced users alike is oriented towards.

Upon deployment, LightShotLost creates an icon in the system area. You have a choice and having the option to switch to full screen mode, while capturing an image can automatically click, desktop dims. The device replaces the function Alternatively, you, PrintScreen button can do.

Snapshot copy to the clipboard, or social networking platforms (Twitter, Facebook, VK, pinterest) on the joint, printed BMP, JPEG or PNG format, can be saved. Plus, Google or a similar search for images online host ( can upload.

LightShotLost too quickly with a few basic tools for image editing provides users. Therefore, if you have a pen or brush, lines, arrows, rectangles, draw, drawing, color can change as well. Alternatively, you (the aforementioned website) online environment from a special platform access means you can use even more graphic.

The program is very light on system resources and error reports, hang without crashing or popping, run smoothly. We have not come across any difficulties in diagnosis. All in all, LightShotLost that are appreciated by the audience screen capture, saving and sharing easy and powerful options, inclusive.

 Download LightShot

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